Greenpark 51st CHIN International Picnic 2017

CHIN Picnic Celebrates Diversity and Canada’s 150th Birthday!

 Greenpark brings you The 51st CHIN International Picnic!

Celebrating another year as Torontonians line up the streets to embrace multiculturalism & diversity in Canada.

For the third year in a row, The CHIN International Picnic will return to its birthplace, Little Italy on Father’s Day weekend - June 17 – June 19 located on College St.

 “This year CHIN will have a larger focus on our Canadian roots.  We’re celebrating 150 years of cultural freedom in Canada this year, and 150 more to come.”  - Lenny Lombardi – President of CHIN Radio & TV International

Once again, The CHIN International Picnic will coincide with the Taste of Little Italy festival.

The weekend will be filled with multicultural entertainment including performances from the Italian, Portuguese & Spanish communities.

The streets will be filled with vendors ready to showcase their special dishes, clothing & wares. 

Don’t miss out on this widely celebrated yearly event!


Greenpark is proud to bring you The 51st CHIN International Picnic!


We all can’t wait to see you there!



Saturday June 17 Spanish – 5:00pm – 11:00pm

·       From Puerto Rico – Yan Collazo

·       From Columbia – Carolina La O

·       From Dominican – Alexandra

·       Local Talent – Erick Trejo-Beltran “MC Sulek,” Chantel Collado & Sean Bellaviti Orchestra

Sunday June 18, 2017 – 3:00pm

Portuguese Performances Presented by 


·       Local Talent – Juliana

·       From Portugal – Lucky Duckies

Italian – 6:00pm

·       Local Talent – TBA

Italian – 7:00pm

·       From Italy – Riccardo Fogli


For a full list of performances during the Taste of Little Italy festival