• Paolo Canciani
    Paolo Canciani
    Born in Italy, Paolo began his studies at the Enrico Fermi Institute in the city of Gorizia. He then went on to study Journalism at Urbino University ...
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  • Umberto Manca
    Umberto Manca
    Although I never won a jackpot, not even at the .5c slot machine, I consider myself a fortunate person, since I've been able to do the job I've always...
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  • Franco Valli
    Franco Valli
    Franco Valli, who was born and raised in Milan, is one of the most trusted and popular radio hosts in the world outside of Italy. Franco's broadcastin...
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  • Massimo Nicoletti
    Massimo Nicoletti
    I was born in Rome on January 14th, 1968 and I grew up in the historic neighborhood of Trastevere. While living in Rome, I worked for the Comune di Ro...
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  • Italo Luci
    Italo Luci
    Italo Luci, nato a Figline Vegliaturo, provincia di Cosenza, Calabria, il 13 Dicembre 1936; iscritto all'Ordine Nazionale dei Giornalisti in Calabria,...
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  • Fernanda Gentile
    Fernanda Gentile
    Nata a Toronto nel 1965, sotto il segno dei pesci, ha passato invece la sua infanzia in Italia, Cervinara provincia di Avellino, e il paese materno l...
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  • Andrea Trentadue
    Andrea Trentadue
    Andrea was born and raised in Toronto, to an Italian Father and French Canadian mother. It was at a young age that Andrea discovered her love of writi...
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  • Vittorio Coco
    Vittorio Coco
    I was born in Roccagorga in the province of Latina on November 11th, 1939. At the age of 20, I emigrated from Italy in order to join my father, who i...
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