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Radio Kurier




8:30pm - 9:30pm -- AM 1540

Radio Kurier contains programs devoted to contemporary issues including many subjects of interest to the Russian-speaking population.  This is the conversation about problems of professional and social adaptation in Canada, health care, education and culture.  News block includes review of Canadian news.  Afisha feature is extensive coverage of events taking place in Ontario and the GTA.  Prominent Canadian politicians, community leaders, actors, singers, musicians are frequent studio guests.  We present expert views and listeners’ opinion.  Radio Kurier is constantly having draws and plays Russian music clips.

PRODUCER:  Luba Cherny & Vadim Mankauskas

From Russia with love




5:00pm - 6:00pm -- FM 97.9

You can still enjoy great Russian music with "From Russia with love" with Elena Kaliberda brings its audience up to speed with all that is Russian, featuring everything from news, entertainment, interviews, music, local and international happenings.

You can hear contemporary and classical Russian music along with discussions on musical history and Russian literature.  The new rubric Learning Russian assists in learning Russian language with its translation of the Russian words to English.

PRODUCER:  Elena Kaliberda

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